Worse Than tRump? 7 Bad Presidents for Your Consideration


Richard Nixon’s crime spree began during his election campaign in 1968. Members of his team sabotaged President Johnson’s peace talks with North Vietnam by going through back channels to promise the Vietnamese a better deal if they rejected Johnson’s proposals.

Upon assuming office, Nixon rejected the Vietnamese proposals because he did not want to be remembered as the first president to preside over an American defeat. Not only did the conflict endure another five years, Nixon and Kissinger expanded it by bombing civilian targets in Laos and Cambodia. Many thousands of deaths later, he ultimately accepted the very proposal he had rejected in 1969.

Of even greater notoriety were his crimes against the Constitution and the abuse of his office in the little scandal known as Watergate. Had he not strategically resigned, he surely would have been impeached, convicted, and removed from office. This was a very tricky dick.

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