Worse Than tRump? 7 Bad Presidents for Your Consideration


Stylistically, Ronald Reagan was the polar opposite of Donald Trump. Reagan was elegant, affable, and had very good manners. Possessing all the superficial markings of a great president, he offered calming assurance to the people as he dismantled their New Deal and culturally repealed the 1960s.

Reagan is erroneously credited for the collapse of the Soviet empire, but given insufficient blame for ushering in ‘Supply Side’ (Trickle Down) Economic Theory as a policy for governance. This opened the gate for the transfer of wealth and power to the top 1% — a process that has steadily eroded the very existence of the American middle class during the past 40 years.

FDR gave us a degree of freedom and security we had not known before. Reagan gave them back to the original owners.

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