Worse Than tRump? 7 Bad Presidents for Your Consideration



Donald John Trump is a lazy, amoral human being and a clownish, ineffectual executive who trolled his way into the Oval Office.

He exhibits indications of one or more serious psychological disorders and he talks & tweets the most appalling sentiments that are all the more alarming for the excitement they arouse in borderline racists & Nazis as well as out-of-the-closet racists & Nazis. His proposals and executive orders have only aggravated the existential crises he inherited from his predecessor. Furthermore, his management of the Covid-19 epidemic is like a surrealistic parody by a 2nd rate satirist.

However, his trolling skills are genius level. He knows the precise pressure points to apply in order to inflame his opposition. Their hatred and derangement diminish their critical thinking skills. In panic, they reach for any harebrained remedy that promises immediate relief. This only strengthens Trump’s position in the esteem of a critical mass of voters.

But is Trump really, as many liberals insist, the very worst president our republic has ever known?

Trump is CovoClean

History’s judgment requires time and perspective, but in terms of actual harm visited upon humanity, I submit seven other contenders for the title:

[NOTA BENE] When the curve flattens and the impact of this epidemic is fully realized, Trump’s leadership (misleadership?) might justly be blamed for exacerbating the damage, especially if there is general economic collapse that dwarfs the impact of the Great Depression. So, Trump-haters, there’s still hope that your arch-villain can cinch the championship.

[NOTA BENE, Jr] Jeremy Bentham’s fundamental axiom was that “All social morals and government legislation should aim for producing the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people”. The reverse is a useful tool for judging the worst presidents: “He whose policies produced the greatest unhappiness to the greatest number of people shall be deemed among the worst in history.” This is a separate consideration from judging someone’s character or personal behavior. Few historians or scholars would disagree with this statement: “Of all 44* men who have served in the office, the biggest asshole of them all was Donald John Trump.”
*can’t count Grover twice

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